The Samsung Galaxy S20 supports these cryptocurrencies

The South Korean electronics giant’s new flagship smartphone will also support cryptocurrencies. In the Blockchain Key Store, owners of the Samsung Galaxy S20 can keep their private keys safe. The “Safe” debuted in June 2019 in the previous Galaxy S10. Initially, the Samsung Blockchain Key Store only supported tokens from the Ethereum ecosystem. Since then, Samsung has gradually increased the number of supported coins: The Key Store now serves as a de facto hardware wallet for assets on Ethereum, Bitcoin, Klaytn, Tron and – since February 2020 – Stellar.


Germans among the Hodlers too

With the new Galaxy models, Samsung has not only expanded the range of cryptocurrencies, but also lifted some regional restrictions. The Blockchain Key Store has been available to users in Europe and Southeast Asia since the release of the Galaxy Note 10. The Galxy S10 still had to look into the tube.


Samsung continues to bring Bitcoin into the mainstream

Bitcoin has not yet reached the center of society. The reasons for this are varied and range from open regulatory issues to the difficult accessibility of blockchain technology. Against this background, it is only to be welcomed that the smartphone market leader not only adheres to blockchain support, but gradually extends it. It is hoped that the Samsung example will set an example in the industry.