Italy wants to help fight against Coronavirus with Bitcoin

Bitcoin donations are intended to help curb the spread of the corona virus in Italy. For example, the Red Cross in Italy is currently collecting donations to set up precautionary wards. To do this, it uses Helperbit, a tool that can be used to collect crypto donations. According to official information, the first round of the project has already been successful.

Helperbit announced on March 15 that the first 10,000 euros in Bitcoin donations had already been received by the project. After the first successful wave, the Italian Red Cross has now decided to continue the campaign. With the help of further Bitcoin donations, the Corona precautionary ward is to be expanded to include technical equipment for treatment.

The corona virus shows particularly drastic features in Italy. The entire country is in quarantine, the daily news is afraid of effects on the local economy that could end in a financial crisis. Italian companies continued to suffer from bad loans. As the news channel continues to report, Italian companies have on average twice as much credit on their balance sheets as other companies in the euro zone.


Italy: Bitcoin against Bitcoin donations are becoming increasingly popular

However, the possibilities to do good with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are expanding. The Human Rights Foundation now accepts crypto donations. To this end, the human rights organization recently entered into a partnership with the payment service provider BTCPay Server. Those who want to support the organization that works for human rights can do so via BTC, Ether, Monero and ZCash.