Gold: Gold and gold stocks have struggled a bit

The precious metal markets
On a euro basis, the gold price declined at an unchanged dollar. On April 14th, the gold price reached the target price range between $ 1,700 and $ 1,900 / oz after a long upward movement and has been fairly valued again for many years. Due to the lack of alternative investments, it is advisable to remain fully invested in gold, silver and precious metal stocks even at the beginning of an expected exaggeration phase.
As many weak hands have entered the market in the upward trend of the past few months, a more volatile price development can be expected in the coming months. In the upcoming inflation phase the target price of the gold price will have to be raised significantly.

From the global financial crisis to the crack-up boom (disaster boom)
China’s GDP recorded 3.2% GDP growth in June quarter (YoY). In the March quarter, GDP shrank by 6.8% (year-on-year comparison).
The Stabilitas Silber & Weissmetalle Fund (A0KFA1) improved by 1.6% to EUR 54.64 (17.07.20). The best fund value was evolution (+ 2.4%). The fund was adversely affected by the price drops in Bear Creek (-6.1%), Minaurum (-4.1%) and Hecla (-4.1%).
In the monthly evaluation as of June 30, 20, the fund improved by 2.6% to EUR 49.10 and thus underperformed the Hui comparison index (+ 6.6%). Since the beginning of the year, the fund has achieved a profit of 5.2% and lags behind the Hui comparative index (+ 21.6%). The fund volume increases with slight inflows from EUR 121.1 to 126.2 million.