DeFi platform user turns $ 200 into $ 250,000

An anonymous buyer of the Soft Yearn Token managed to make a profit of $ 250,000 with a “stake” of $ 200. For those affected, it is now about damage limitation. An ATM that spits out bills for free?

Everyone would like to stand in line there. One such case recently caused a stir in the United States. A Santander Bank machine spat out several thousand dollars for free, without debiting this amount from any account. It is understandable that the news of the existence of this “source of gold” spread like wildfire on the social levels. The software damage that made these withdrawals possible has now been fixed. How big the damage actually is for the bank was initially unclear.

Yearn Finance is now facing a similar mess with its Soft Yearn project.According to media reports, an anonymous user managed to make a profit of $ 250,000 with a “stake” of $ 200. The reason for this was apparently a bug in the rebase code of a DeFi protocol clone. The whole thing took place with a cloned version of Yearn Finance called Soft Yearn (SYFI).