Blockchain to fight “fake news”

While the global community is fighting the effects of the corona pandemic, the media landscape is threatened by another infection: fake news. In view of the current crisis situation, the resolution of which depends to a large extent on the exchange of information between the authorities and the population and thus on a conscientiously carried out journalistic preparation, rampant false reports take on new significance – with sometimes dangerous consequences. Spreaders of such “fake news”, which undermine the expertise of science and research, play carelessly with human lives.In order to counter the spread of fake news, Italy’s largest news agency, Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata (ANSA), will in future certify messages on a blockchain basis. Technology thus becomes a weapon in the political discourse about the sovereignty of interpretation.


Blockchain vs. Fake news

Italy is the European epicenter of the corona pandemic. According to John Hopkins University, the country now has over 135,000 Covid-19 cases and over 17,000 fatalities. In view of the Corona crisis, the urgency of reliable reporting is higher than ever before. Italy’s leading news and press agency ANSA, under whose consortium 24 publishers are represented, has collaborated with EY Advisory S.p.A. (EY) developed and introduced a blockchain-based tracking system for news reports.