Blockchain service provider Bison Trails announces support for ETH 2.0

Blockchain service provider Bison Trails has announced that it will also support the upgrade to Ethereum 2.0, which is accompanied by the switch to the proof-of-stake consensus process. Bison Trails offers a range of services that enable corporate customers to interact directly with the Ethereum beacon chain, stack ether (ETH), and automatically validators whose customers and beacon nodes can manage.


Offer to manage their beacon chain

He discloses that his company will offer a full participation cluster for ETH 2.0, which enables all customers to manage their beacon chain and the associated validators via the Bison Trails platform.

In this respect, he also emphasizes that the company’s own platform for validators offers stake income of up to 23% of their ETH, which is a significantly higher earnings opportunity than with many other offers:

“Switching to ETH 2.0 is incredibly important for the entire crypto ecosystem because it enables one of the most important and widespread block groves, which has millions of users and tens of thousands of dApps, to scale and that’s a really big deal.

Because stacked ETH assets at ETH 2.0 are fixed for several years, it is important to choose a service provider that you trust. It is a risk to change providers later because the private key will then have to be disclosed. ”