Bitcoin is booming in Africa and Ethereum is expected to become cheaper and German Wirecard is actually going

Bitcoin trading in Africa is almost as strong as the gas fees at Ethereum when the network reaches its capacity limit. Suggestions for improvement should now remedy the latter. Meanwhile, the share price of the bankrupt FinTech Wirecard, which provides debit cards for crypto platforms, among other things. The situation on Wednesday. The Wirecard share reacts to the dismissal of CEO Markus Braun with price increases that one would otherwise think of Bitcoin and Co. In pre-exchange trading, the insolvent FinTech’s share price of EUR 6.95 is almost 96 percent above the level at the start of trading on June 30, yesterday.


Still increasing

The increase, which started yesterday morning, correlates with the extraordinary dismissal of ex-CEO Markus Braun, against which the Munich public prosecutor is investigating on suspicion of counterfeiting and fraudulent shares. Wirecard has supplied debit cards for the crypto projects and TenX. A review of the balance sheet revealed that cash reserves worth 2.1 billion euros could not be found – if they ever existed. One thing is certain: This would not have happened with blockchain.


Bitcoin boom Africa

In Sub-Saharan Africa, a trend that started in the spring has intensified: The peer-to-peer trading volume for Bitcoin has increased significantly in the past three months – in Ghana by as much as 257 percent. This emerges from data on the website, which aggregates data on peer-to-peer trading on the localbitcoins and Paxful trading platforms.